Algart International Inc.

Algart International Inc.
Algart International Inc. is distributor, wholesaler and exporter of natural health foods and related products located in Montreal, Canada.
Established in 1995.
Member of Canadian Association of Export Trading Houses.

Our main areas of expertise are in the export of:
Natural dietary supplements in vegetable capsules
Supplements & vitamins in softgels (private labels with name of importer printed on capsules)
Supplements and herbal formulas in ampoules
Supplements, vitamins, multivitamins and herbal formulas in liquid
Vitamins, multivitamins & minerals
Natural herbal healthcare products
Herbal formulas for women and men
Medicinal herbs and spices in bulk
Herbal & fruit teas (finished products, private labels or bulk)
Organic herbal teas (finished products, private labels or bulk)
Dry flowers, herbs, spices and aromatic plants
Slimming herbal formulas
Slimming teas
Meal replacement bars (weight loss program)
Omega 3 Harp seal oil capsules and oil in liquid
Natural European cosmetics with extracts from fresh plants
Cosmetics with beehive ingredients (pollen, propolis, royal jelly) from USA
Canadian natural therapeutic skin care products with organic ingredients

Also food products such as:
Kelp caviar (4 flavors: sturgeon, salmon, truffle & wasabi)
Organic food products: flours, muffin mixes, muesli, vegetarian snacks (nuts, dry fruits, sesame squares, etc. )
Dried cranberries (organic and conventional) in resealable bags (original and with natural flavors such as: orange, strawberry, raspberry, cherry and with maple syrup)
Pure organic and conventional Cranberry juice in 1 L bottles
Dried cranberries, blueberries, cherries and blackcurrant in bulk
Organic Noni juice, organic Goji juice and conventional Acai juice in 950 plastic bottles
Organic fruit juices and sparkling juices
Apple ice wines & fruit wines
Big variety of natural beers made by Canadian micro breweries
George Dobija
[1] 514 4261811
131 Houde
Montreal, Quebec, H9J3A8, Canada
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